Sunday, May 30, 2010

The Affiliate Networks That Have Worked For Me!

I am not here to list down dozens of affiliate networks that exist out there which I am skeptical about. All the links listed down here are legitimate and highly beneficial!

#1 - Amazon Affiliate Program

I get most of my sales using this program. You get almost anything and everything here but they offer a low commission as compared to other programs.

#2 - Clickbank

This program offers the highest comission - around 75%! Mainly because the products are digital which can be downloaded. I have made a few sales using Clickbank too. Presently I have only used a few Clickbank affiliate links because I wanted to test it out first. Now that I see it's working nicely for me, I intend on increasing the links to Clickbank products.

#3 - ShareASale

ShareASale can be confusing at first, but soon you will get the hang of it. You get thousands of programs to choose from in this network.

#4 - Commission Junction

Another great network with lots of programs to join. The interface is more simpler as compared to ShareASale but getting into programs can be tough if you don't get enough traffic to your site.

The last two - ShareASale and CJ - haven't worked that well for me. I barely make sales using these networks because I have so few links. But these networks have proved very beneficial for loads of other people.

Other Popular Affiliate Programs (which I haven't tried) :

Google Affiliate Network

After you get approved to an affiliate program, you will get HTML codes - banner links and text links - which you can copy paste onto your page or website. Then you're all set to promote your products!
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