Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hubpages - More Traffic Than Squidoo?

Don't get me wrong. I am in no way comparing Hubpages to Squidoo or telling you that Hubpages is better. I like them equally, but if you are lazy and you intend on driving that extra income primarily through Adsense, then I would suggest Hubpages for you coz -

a. Hubs get more traffic than lenses. I have half the number of hubs as compared to lenses, but they are getting almost as much traffic from search engines. So yes, I would say my hubs get more traffic as compared to Squidoo and that they seem to get ranked on search engines faster. Hubpages is also ranked ahead of Squidoo at Alexa. Squidoo - #237 ; Hubpages - #230.

b. Hubs are easier to create. You just have to drag and drop modules without loading the page each time.

c. There is a WYSIWYG editor unlike Squidoo. If you want to add some HTML code of your own, you can do that too by clicking the 'source' option on text modules.

Since it's so damn easy to use, I won't be offering any help pages -- coz I am certain you won't need them. You can rearrange the modules or 'capsules' by clicking on the arrow buttons present at the top right corner of each capsule. Using these arrows you can adjust the width or arrange the capsules as right-aligned or left-aligned.

I have heard people getting their Adsense disabled on hubs that are overtly promotional, so try to avoid promoting too many products on your page and instead concentrate on using Hubpages to drive traffic to your site, blog or lens (which promotes such products) instead.

Just promoting stuff is not enuff, you have to market yourself -- go introduce yourself in the forums! Forums are the best place to be on both Squidoo and Hubpages... coz there is a wealth of information available there. Read a lot but don't forget the carry out the tasks! ;)

Need Some Motivation?

Janet is there at Hubpages too! - See her keeping track of her earnings at Hubpages.

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