Friday, May 14, 2010

I Squidoo. Do You?

This is just a basic tutorial to tell you how to make lenses at Squidoo.

How To Create A Lens And How To Select A Page/URL Name

Creating a lens is easy. You can create lenses on anything and everything you want. If you want to promote your blog/site, set up a lens and write about it. Direct the easy traffic to your site and earn more readers.

All you have to do is click on 'Create A Lens' on your Squidoo dashboard and you are all set to go. Enter the topic title but when you are selecting the page name, make sure to separate words by a hyphen. Google likes this better as it is more comprehensible. Eg : If you want to a make a lens on your sports blog, then you might want to name it as 'sports-blog' (with the hyphen) instead of 'sportsblog'.

Modules and HTML

You will have to know some simple HTML code at Squidoo because as of now they don't have a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor like blogger has. Because of this editor we are able to make text bold, underlined, italic without having to do anything else other than a click... but it's not the same at Squidoo. You will have to add HTML code to add extra text effects.

If you dunno anything abt HTML, I would suggest the following pages -

Basic HTML For Squidoo
Advanced HTML For Squidoo
HTML For Photos
Borders For Squidoo Images

Go through some of the codes to make your lens more presentable, but it's really not required if you like things to be kept simple and clean.

You can add these codes to the introduction module plus any text module (you can see these modules to the right hand side of your workshop). You have lots of options when it comes to modules - "Text", "Text With Big Picture", "Video", "Twitter Search" etc etc. Always add a guestbook module for comments by the end. When you have lots of comments on your lens, it just increases your lens ranking.

Change Your Payment Settings (Important!)

Go to 'My Payments' tab on your Squidoo dashboard and enter your Paypal address properly plus edit your global lens settings where you can decide whether you want to get the entire money or you want to contribute a small part to charity. If you don't edit these settings, all your money by default will go to charity. I have seen on the Squidu forum, people complaining about all their money going to charity. It wouldn't have happened if they had checked their payment settings. ;) Get to know more about Squidoo Payments.

Finally, Some Recommended Reading -

1. Learn How Janet Made It Big At Squidoo. - This is a lensmaster who is vocal about her earnings per month. She has inspired a lot of people to take Squidoo seriously.

2. Learn Tips and Tricks From Jennifer - Another go-getter! I love her quote - "If you're willing to do for a year what others won't, you can do for a lifetime what others CAN'T!"

3. Captain Squid Blog - The best Squidoo blog!

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