Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Step 2 : Set Up A Free Web Page

You need a space to promote your products. For this, you don’t have to register and buy a domain coz that’s only for experts. All you need is a page to test out your novice marketing skills, so where do you get a web page for free?

You can set up a blog of course. Apart from that, there are two really popular websites where you can make pages for free and promote your products – Squidoo and Hubpages. You will find dozens of Squidoo vs. Hubpages comparisons online, but I will compare the both of them here to make your choice easier.


1. Here each page you create is called a ‘lens’. Don’t get confused when you see the word ‘lens’ thrown around at Squidoo, coz they are just implying a web page.

2. You can get money from Squidoo (just by writing about anything without even selling any products or doing any affiliate marketing), provided your page gets a good ranking (check 6th point).

3. They pay you through PayPal.

4. The Squidoo forum (Squidu) is extremely rich in marketing info.

5. The Squidoo support staff are extremely helpful. They have solved all my problems quickly and on time!

6. This Squidoo rank is based on how much traffic you get to your lens, how other lensmasters (people like you who have joined Squidoo) rate your page etc etc. A good page with good, interesting, informative and original content can earn you a good ranking. Here’s how the payment is (without affiliate marketing) –
a. Rank 1-2000 (first tier) – You get around $20. (last month's came around $22).
b. Rank 2000-10,000 (second tier) – You get around $4.
c. Rank 10,000 – 85,000 (third tier) – You get some cents.
d. Anything above that? You get nothing at all :D
This amount keeps increasing or decreasing according to the amount of traffic Squidoo gets per month.

You might think ‘WTF! It pays so less’. But think of it this way, the more lenses you have the more you get. If you have around 5 lenses in the top tier, 10 lenses in the second tier, you can make $140 easily per month. This too without doing any affiliate marketing – all you need to do is write good content on anything you absolutely want!

The maximum I have heard anyone earning from Squidoo is around $2000 and that too because the lensmaster decided to be vocal about it. There are many lensmasters in there earning $1000 per month – and they all have loads of lenses! Some of them ended up quitting their jobs coz of Squidoo.

If you have trouble believing me on the earning part of Squidoo (I did too at first!), this is my graph of Squidoo earnings (numbers not displayed for personal reasons). The first couple of months were awful, and I had decided it would not work out for me, but then boy did it take an uphill climb.

Even if you have a day job, this is a great way to earn some extra needed cash. It won’t come easily though ;) You will have to work towards it. I will talk in detail about Squidoo later.


1. Pages are called ‘hubs’ here.

2. Creating pages is easier than on Squidoo coz modules (text, photos etc) load faster.

3. More traffic than Squidoo.

4. HubPages, unlike Squidoo, don’t have a ranking system and they won’t pay you. But if you have a Google Adsense account, you can add it and get revenue – this means, you get paid according to number of page loads (impressions) and ad clicks that you get on your page. Don't go about creating an Adsense account now if you don't have one. There are some things to keep in mind before applying for Adsense which I will talk about later.

5. You get replies on HubPages forum faster, but I have to warn you that they talk about absolutely anything and everything in there including highly personal stuff. This kind of pissed me off, and I stopped visiting their forums :P

6. You can’t market too much stuff here, but writers prefer HubPages because it’s more about ‘quality’ than ‘quantity’ there unlike Squidoo which encourages you to create more and more lenses.

Now, quick think of a topic! Any topic! Anything that you would LOVE to write about – be it cooking, dancing or any other passion. Please don’t copy paste stuff – write original content! I want you to get familiarized with the site before we actually get into marketing things – so it would be better if you wrote on some lighter stuff first and get to know the site more.

The plus point of both these websites is that pages created here tend to get indexed on Google fast – this means your page can get easily discovered through Google searches. I started on Squidoo first and then went to Hubpages when I heard it gets more traffic, but then kept creating a lens now or then at Squidoo coz it earns me money without having to do much. I say ‘without having to do much’ now coz I did all the marketing that I needed to do in the beginning itself, and now I don’t have to promote my lenses like before to get them noticed. You can interlink lenses and hubs – so that you can end up getting money from both sites. This means, you can create a hub and a lens on a similar topic and leave behind links to the other. This way you can benefit from both.

You don’t have to go too deep now. Right now, what you need to do is think of a topic you would like to write on. After that, what would you like to do? Create A Page On Squidoo or Create A Hub At HubPages? Or both? ;)

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Thanks for this post Dhanno! Sounds so good, I just wish I had the time! Have read a lot of comparisons on Squidoo vs Hubpages but I liked yours best, the Squidoo part I mean.. Will try it out soon :)

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