Friday, May 7, 2010

WTF Is E-Marketing?

This was one of the first questions that crossed my mind when I came across the term. I knew it was about marketing (duh!) but how do you market around the Internet? Where do you get the products to promote? Are companies willing to let you, a newbie, promote products for them?

E-marketing is the general term given for marketing products on the internet. You can promote your own products but if you don't have any special artistic/creative talents as such (like yours truly) then you can promote other people's/company's products. This is called Affiliate Marketing. You are the affiliate marketer i.e, a person who acts as an intermediary between the company and the buyer. Companies are looking for people (even newbies) like yourself to promote their products on the internet because this helps them in cutting expenses that comes with actually employing a person in their office. If you help these companies in making sales, you get commissions for doing so. How do these companies look around for affiliate marketers? They first join sites dedicated to this very purpose online. We, the marketers, join the same sites too in order to intract with these companies. I will talk about these programs later on.

I never thought people actually bought things from the Internet, but I was surprised to know that people (mostly outside of India) do look forward to buying products from the net mainly coz of the following reasons -

1. They hate going to crowded shops with pushy sales people.

2. They like shopping within the comforts of their own home.

3. They are too lazy to go out and get those things they want. Sad, but true ;)

4. They can get some things at great deals online.

5. All the items you want is just a click away.

So if you think that nobody buys things from the Internet, think again ;) We live in those times where we want everything easy and fast -- this is where e-marketing benefits.

To make things understand in a better way, here's a picture from Wikipedia -

If you have any doubts (not those personal 'how much do you make' questions please), don't hesitate to ask in the comments section below! I know when it comes to my personal blog, I answer emails personally... but as far as possible try to clear your doubts in the comments section below because this will help the others who read this blog too. Like I claimed before, I'm no expert, but I will sure try to clear your doubts. :)

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2 comments: on "WTF Is E-Marketing?"

lostworld said...

This is extremely thoughtful of you Dhanya!! Will follow your posts here to know more about E-marketing. Don't think I'd venture into it as of now as right now I love the idea of going to a workplace, interacting with people and so on. All the very best!!

♥ÐÅyÐяєÅмє®♥ said...

ahan.. that is informative.. u should start a newsletter... :)

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