Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is Amazon Turk A Cash Machine?

I am always on the look out for legitimate programs online which help me in making some extra cash aside affiliate marketing. Internet programs are so unstable that you can't really place all your hopes on one single method of earning money. Anyone and everyone around the Web will tell you to multi-task, to try out new things and select the best from the few so you can eventually earn a substantial income from all of these sources.

One of the programs I came across online was Amazon Turk. If you want to earn some quick 'cents' you can do so here. Once you register you will get thousands of HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks) to choose from. After completing the task, your work will be on review for a day or two (or maybe even upto a week). If the requester likes your work, then your work will be accepted and you will be rewarded with the HIT money immediately. You can see these earnings on your dashboard. You can withdraw your money in Indian rupees albeit a processing fee (4 dollars). I transferred the money I earned from Amazon Turk to my Amazon Affiliate Program account as part of my gift certificate balance.

Amazon Turk is a 'quick' way to earn money but not LOTS of money. Each task will be worth anywhere from a cent (yeah, just a cent!) to 5 dollars each. I would say that Amazon Turk is highly useful if you want to get things done -- for delegation purposes coz you get your work done for a small amount. If you hate writing articles for affiliate marketing you can dump this work on others at Amazon Turk.

I am more interested in programs that will earn me money even if I am not using my comp all the time -- which is why I prefer affiliate marketing. But if you want some timepass and earn money without much hard work, go for Amazon Turk!

What You Should Keep In Mind While Using Amazon Turk

1. Always be cautious about tasks that offer a high reward (anything around 5 dollars or more). Scammers lurk around on Amazon Turk because there is no monitoring of tasks.

2. Try to do tasks that don't require you to visit an outside website. These tasks are safe, plus you don't have to unnecessarily waste time on scanning other websites.

3. Those tasks which require you to complete surveys on other websites should be avoided if possible. Some of them are legitimate but then some others are not. Legitimate ones do not usually require any registration on websites whereas the others do. These people earn money if you enter your details into the registration form with your personal details like phone number and zip code.. and you get nothing in return, just a whole lot of spam in your inbox.

4. If you feel comfortable with a particular type of task, try to do as many of them as possible. These tasks will get completed soon by other turkers and you won't find them again later on.

5. Don't do tasks if you are unsure of them. HIT approval rate plays an important role when it comes to acceptance for tasks. If you have a rate below 90 it might be difficult for you to get tasks to do.

6. Don't get misled by tasks that promise you a 'bonus'. No one has ever reported getting one.

I did this for 2 weeks or so (earned 18 dollars) but then got fed up of all the mechanical work and decided to let it go. In between work time maybe you can complete a task or two and be glad that you wasted your time in a productive manner ;)

Happy Turking! (Amazon Turk Link)

P.S : This new blog of mine crossed 1000 visitors. Cheers! :D

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How To Get Your Adsense Account Approved In India

If you have been trying to get your Google Adsense account approved for months now, I won't be surprised. It was so much easier few years back. All you just had to do was fill out the form and you get approved immediately. Google is much more strict now when it comes to approving accounts and many Asian countries are suffering because of this.

Why are people from the Asian sub-continent being targeted? The primary reason for this is the rise of click frauds. If you have entered a program which pays you to click on ads, then you are doing something which is not allowed! If Google senses you are paying people to click on your ads, then your Google account can get banned forever. Stay safe, coz it can be VERY difficult (next to impossible) to get approved by Google again. I saw a member of a forum informing everyone that he saw a group on Facebook made by an Indian which pays people for clicking on his site ads. You can even see newspaper ads now and then where people claim you can get 'fast' money by joining their click fraud program. It really sucks that coz of these few people, all of us have to suffer for it. India tops the list when it comes to click frauds [link].

Things to keep in mind before applying for Google Adsense in India -

1. Your site or blog should be at least 6 months old. If it's not, rest assured your application will be rejected. A Google Adsense account is required on revenue sharing sites like Hubpages. Your Hubpages account in this case should be 6 months old too before you can apply for Adsense and should contain 6 months worth of information. A 6 month old site/blog with just a single post also won't get accepted. People in India have it rough, don't we? :(

2. If you want to put ads on your blog (blogspot) which contains loads of affiliate links then chances are your blog will get rejected inspite of waiting for 6 months.

3. Be sure that your site/blog has only original content.

4. Read the Google Adsense policies before applying. Are you following all the rules and regulations?

It is easier to apply for Google Adsense through Blogger. If you don't want to wait for 6 months then you can try the following (to be used only if you have a reliable relative/friend outside of India) -

1. Register a new gmail account. You have to choose the blog location as outside of India where your relative/friend resides.

2. Create a new blog.

3. Publish some 5-6 posts.

4. Apply for Google Adsense from your blog.

5. Wait for approval (it might take a day or two).

6. After approval, enter your friend's/relative's address and phone number. Changing the country later can be a big hassle so be dead sure about the address you want your details to be forwarded. A change of address and payee name is more easier. For changing country, you might have to submit a form again to Google and this new location should not include any Asian sub-continent.

7. You can then use the publisher account number on any site that you want.

8. Your friend/relative will be the one getting those Google Adsense PIN code and checks, that is why I stressed on the 'reliability' part ;)

I recently changed my location to Dubai on my Adsense account coz I will be there in few months time and it took nearly 2 weeks and 2 form submissions to get it changed. The first time I sent a submission, I got no response. I tried again after a week and got it changed by Google themselves. They require a little persuasion in some cases ;) Btw, I am really excited that if you are from UAE, then you can get Google Adsense money through Western Union Money Transfer. This means no more waiting for checks and you can get your money within a day after payment is issued. Yay :D

Hope this helps!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Time For Some Bum Marketing

If you were thinking of some x-rated material, then sorry to disappoint you - 'bum marketing' is a type of article marketing that e-marketers do to promote their products ;)

I will cut the lecture short (I know how boring THAT can be), and I will give you a really useful resource.

The best person to explain article marketing to you would be Travis who started it all. He is offering a short tutorial for absolutely FREE which explains everything about bum marketing and what bum marketers need to do. You will need to supply an email ID to get access to those free lessons.

If you haven't already created a separate gmail address for all your emarketing purposes, do so now. If you don't like the hurdle of managing multiple gmail accounts, use gmail filters instead. Another option is to create a new gmail account for e-marketing and then forward the mails in that account to your main gmail account.

Learn Bum Marketing From Travis

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The 52 Week Challenge On Making More Amazon Sales Online

Did you know that most people SCAN through what they come across online, rather than read? Usually they are so busy to sit down and read properly, that they look around the page to see what appeals to them and then decide whether or not to read the entire document properly.

Why do they do this? Read the reasons here.

In order to get a person's full attention, a video can be highly useful. Of course, the video has to be interesting. Personally, I find those videos showing slideshows with bullets, numbering and fully hi-fi theory with no action plans mentioned as REALLY BORING! When I see a video, I want them to tell me what to do next. I want the person making the video to give me tasks to do, but not everyone does that. Finding such videos can then be really time consuming, but some of the videos which I have found have been really useful to me and in this post I am going to mention these very videos that are a must-see!

I came across Tiffany Dow's 52 Week Challenge Videos online from YouTube. They are short videos where Tiffany gives you tasks to do each day of the week.

The 52 Week Challenge here is to create a lens (that's right, only ONE lens) per week. And by the end of 52 weeks, you would definitely be doing quite well for yourself - provided you don't get lazy or give up! ;)

They come really jumbled up on YouTube so I thought I would arrange them for you to make things easier. The sequence you have to follow is -

52 Week Challenge Intro

Monday Tasks For The Challenge

Tuesday Tasks

What If There Is No Bestseller Category?

Wednesday Tasks Part 1

Wednesday Tasks Part 2

Wednesday Tasks Part 3

Making The Most Out Of The 52 Week Challenge

Squidoo - Your Questions Answered

Thursday Tasks

Keep An Eye On Your Squidoo Stats

Friday Tasks

Uploading To A Blog To Cross Promote Your Lens

Which Keywords Are Important To Rank High in Google

Using Labels To Separate Your Lenses

How To Promote Mother Lens and Baby Lens

Pulling in Related Keywords To Your Lens

These videos are simple to follow and are suitable for both beginners as well as experts looking to learn more. You won't get much tasks to do per day, so if you have a day job you can pretty well finish them up fast!

Happy learning! :)

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

How To Get Your Site/Page Indexed By Google Within 24 Hours!

Ok, this is the method that has worked for ME! Hopefully it will work out for you too.

Usually, sites/pages can take weeks if not months to get indexed by Google - if you don't do anything about it i.e. It's obvious that if you don't get any visitors, you won't get any sales! ;) I get my lenses indexed by Google within 24 hours by following the exact same methods as below:

1. Submit RSS feed URL to Feedage. In case of Squidoo lenses, you can get this URL by clicking the RSS feed button which you will see along with 'Email' and 'Favorite' button. Do the same at Feedest.

2. Promote your blog and site at 3StepAds. This site ranks well on Google, so you might want to make the most of it. You will have to register and after that you can write an article with your site URL mentioned in it.

3. Submit your page/site URL to :
b. Bing

4. Use social bookmarking sites like Digg and Stumbleupon to promote your sites and pages. Even better, tweet about your page/lens!

5. Last but not the least, make sure to set a Google alert for your main site URL, so that you get to know when your site is indexed by Google. Getting notified by Google that you have got indexed by them - how cool is that? :D

6. Put the link of your website/page as your signature on forums and post relevant topics! This leaves a link of your website behind, and this helps!

Hopefully this well do. Try it out and let me know.