Wednesday, June 9, 2010

How To Get Your Adsense Account Approved In India

If you have been trying to get your Google Adsense account approved for months now, I won't be surprised. It was so much easier few years back. All you just had to do was fill out the form and you get approved immediately. Google is much more strict now when it comes to approving accounts and many Asian countries are suffering because of this.

Why are people from the Asian sub-continent being targeted? The primary reason for this is the rise of click frauds. If you have entered a program which pays you to click on ads, then you are doing something which is not allowed! If Google senses you are paying people to click on your ads, then your Google account can get banned forever. Stay safe, coz it can be VERY difficult (next to impossible) to get approved by Google again. I saw a member of a forum informing everyone that he saw a group on Facebook made by an Indian which pays people for clicking on his site ads. You can even see newspaper ads now and then where people claim you can get 'fast' money by joining their click fraud program. It really sucks that coz of these few people, all of us have to suffer for it. India tops the list when it comes to click frauds [link].

Things to keep in mind before applying for Google Adsense in India -

1. Your site or blog should be at least 6 months old. If it's not, rest assured your application will be rejected. A Google Adsense account is required on revenue sharing sites like Hubpages. Your Hubpages account in this case should be 6 months old too before you can apply for Adsense and should contain 6 months worth of information. A 6 month old site/blog with just a single post also won't get accepted. People in India have it rough, don't we? :(

2. If you want to put ads on your blog (blogspot) which contains loads of affiliate links then chances are your blog will get rejected inspite of waiting for 6 months.

3. Be sure that your site/blog has only original content.

4. Read the Google Adsense policies before applying. Are you following all the rules and regulations?

It is easier to apply for Google Adsense through Blogger. If you don't want to wait for 6 months then you can try the following (to be used only if you have a reliable relative/friend outside of India) -

1. Register a new gmail account. You have to choose the blog location as outside of India where your relative/friend resides.

2. Create a new blog.

3. Publish some 5-6 posts.

4. Apply for Google Adsense from your blog.

5. Wait for approval (it might take a day or two).

6. After approval, enter your friend's/relative's address and phone number. Changing the country later can be a big hassle so be dead sure about the address you want your details to be forwarded. A change of address and payee name is more easier. For changing country, you might have to submit a form again to Google and this new location should not include any Asian sub-continent.

7. You can then use the publisher account number on any site that you want.

8. Your friend/relative will be the one getting those Google Adsense PIN code and checks, that is why I stressed on the 'reliability' part ;)

I recently changed my location to Dubai on my Adsense account coz I will be there in few months time and it took nearly 2 weeks and 2 form submissions to get it changed. The first time I sent a submission, I got no response. I tried again after a week and got it changed by Google themselves. They require a little persuasion in some cases ;) Btw, I am really excited that if you are from UAE, then you can get Google Adsense money through Western Union Money Transfer. This means no more waiting for checks and you can get your money within a day after payment is issued. Yay :D

Hope this helps!

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