Friday, June 4, 2010

Time For Some Bum Marketing

If you were thinking of some x-rated material, then sorry to disappoint you - 'bum marketing' is a type of article marketing that e-marketers do to promote their products ;)

I will cut the lecture short (I know how boring THAT can be), and I will give you a really useful resource.

The best person to explain article marketing to you would be Travis who started it all. He is offering a short tutorial for absolutely FREE which explains everything about bum marketing and what bum marketers need to do. You will need to supply an email ID to get access to those free lessons.

If you haven't already created a separate gmail address for all your emarketing purposes, do so now. If you don't like the hurdle of managing multiple gmail accounts, use gmail filters instead. Another option is to create a new gmail account for e-marketing and then forward the mails in that account to your main gmail account.

Learn Bum Marketing From Travis

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