Monday, September 27, 2010

The Importance of Forums and Clearing Your Doubts

I don't have any mentor when it comes to online marketing. This meant hours of researching online, learning from my own mistakes and rectifying them. But at times it's possible to end up having questions for which you won't find answers anywhere... not even on the first two pages of Google search results. What do you do then?

If you check out my earlier posts, you will find out how highly I talk about PotPieGirl(Jennifer) and Tiffany Dow. You can learn a lot by going through their blogs. I had a question regarding marketing e-books, which Jennifer answered immediately when I mailed her. I had a PayPal question for which Tiffany offered a solution through e-mail within a matter of hours.

The point is, these people are helpful. If you have someone you look up to, then ask for their help when you're really stuck with something. This way you are not wasting much time and energy for researching and you can use that amount of time for taking action. Remember not to flood these people through mail with questions though! You can't be lazy and depend on them for every single problem of yours.

The best option to clear all your doubts is through forums. There are many forums out there, but the best are -

1. The Warrior Forum - It's the forum where affiliate marketers thrive. You will find lots of useful info in there plus get the best solution for your e-marketing problems from some of the best internet marketers.

2. Digital Point Forum - This is also a very useful and popular forum.

3. Wickedfire - You can start posting new threads immediately after registration.

Check these forums out and find truck loads of info!

P.S : These forums contain so much info that it's easy to waste time there by going on reading for hours. Dedicate some time for learning and reading and then don't forget to test things out for yourself!


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Submit Your Page or Website To Around 79 Websites With A Single Click - Social Poster

If you read my post on how to get your page indexed by Google within 24 hours, you will notice that I have mentioned social bookmarking your sites. This can be a really difficult task coz there are so many sites on the web. And mostly, you need to find those sites with a good PR and do-follow which will help in increasing relevant backlinks to your site.

In simple terms, more links to your website ----> getting indexed on Google faster (if lots of sites are linking to your page/site, Google will consider your site as a useful one and hence chances are your site will get indexed faster) ----> more traffic ----> more sales

If you do a quick search on google for dofollow social bookmarking sites you will get a detailed list across many pages. I just found out this website called which helps you submit your page to 79 social bookmarking sites with just a click. I just tried it now, so I am not sure how good it is. Webutation seems to give it a good ranking though [link]. Try it out!

Note : If you are planning to submit your site only to Dofollow sites you can click on the option found at the RHS of the page and only those sites will be marked. Your site will be sent only to those social bookmarking sites after submission. Use relevant keywords as tags.

Here's a screenshot -


Saturday, September 11, 2010

Monsters Have Taken Over Squidoo!

Yup, you've heard it right! Monsters are taking over Squidoo... and I'm actually loving it! :D

They are not profitable (as in terms of cash), but they certainly are making the people at Squidoo more interactive. Most of them are trying to level up, which means there's more commenting on other lenses, taking active part in polls, discussions and what not. I love the increased interactivity.

Monsters pop up whenever you earn points -

Plus, you get cute monster trophies :D The idea of trophies seem to be inspired from Hubpage badges, but squidoo trophies are much more fun! If you're a giant Squid, then you automatically start from level 20. If you are a giant Squid with 100 lenses, then you automatically start from level 25.

You get points when -

1. You get comments on your lenses.

2. Someone 'likes' your lens.

3. People take part in your lens polls.

4. You publish a lens (a lot of points for this)

5. You like someone else's lens!

6. You comment on other lenses (interactivity increased coz of this)

7. People take part in your quiz.

Once you level up, you get special 'items' to unlock like lensrank turboboost. The highest level is level 80 and you really need a lot of points to reach that level. I am really enjoying the new Squidoo for now!


Basic SEO Tips - How To Know if Your Keyword Phrase is Popular

You will have to use a couple of SEO tools (all free) to know whether or not your keyword phrase is popular. The tools I use are -

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool - Search for your keyword phrase and see if there are any searches. Global monthly searches should be above 1000, else you will just be targeting a keyword that's not popular among users.

2. SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool - I love this tool! If you type in a keyword it will give a range of related keyword suggestions for you and how popular they are. You can use one of these keyword suggestions if there's less competition on the web for the phrase.

3. Search Based Keyword Tool - This is a nifty little tool where you can find out how optimized your page is. Enter your webpage URL and see if it has popular keywords or not.

When you have a number of related keyword phrases on hand, try out the methods mentioned in Basic SEO Tips - Part 1 too to figure out the competition and finalize on the main keyword you want to focus on.

If you're undecided on what keyword phrase to use, then you can try -

1. Google Trends - See the most popular searches on Google and decide accordingly.
2. eBay Pulse - To see which products are popular on eBay.
3. Lycos - View current trends and create websites on them.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Tips For Your Web Page – Part 1 – Finding Out How Much Competition You Have For Your Specific Keyword Phrase!

If you are using sites like Squidoo and Hubpages, you really don’t have to worry too much about SEO. These sites are already well ranked and this only helps your page in getting noticed faster by search engines. My hubs tend to get indexed faster (usually within 24 hours) as compared to lenses, but I simply love the extra modules available on Squidoo that cater to my creative needs so I end up making lenses too.

What is SEO? It is optimizing your pages in such a way that is search engine friendly. Many people ‘Google’ for whatever they want, so keeping that in mind you need to make the search engines ‘like’ your page. Once your page is properly optimized, they arrive on search results faster and easier. For that you need to do some tasks prior to creating a web page. To get a clearer, more apt definition of SEO click here.

There are two ways in which you can make your page appear on search results -
1. The Organic Way - Where your site appears on one of the many pages of search engine results.
2. The Paid Method - Where you pay to ensure that your page gets maximum exposure on the first page. Try searching for something on Google, you can see some results appearing at the top right hand side of search results. These are sponsored links -- where people like us have paid to ensure max exposure to their pages.

I haven't tried the paid method yet and according to many experts, you shouldn't venture into it until many months of doing Internet marketing and SEO. I will be discussing about the 'natural/organic' method of SEO for now.

You can try some basic SEO tips and techniques mentioned below (keeping Google in mind since it’s the most used search engine) :

1. Go to and type your keyword phrase in the following format :

intitle:”keyword phrase” inanchor:”keyword phrase”

If you get less than 5000 results, it means you have less competition from others for the same keyword. Then, chances are you can obtain yourself a decent position on the first page of search results. Intitle is the syntax used to return pages that have the keyword phrase in their title and inanchor is the syntax which shows pages that have the keyword phrase as part of the anchor text (don't overexert yourself trying to figure out what all this means if you're a newbie -- you will get it later when you're more experienced).

Example : inanchor:"dogs" intitle:"dogs" will yield 4,990,000 results.

You shouldn’t even bother with this keyword (dogs) because there’s way too much competition.

2. Even if there’s less competition, you might want to check out the page rank of those web pages which are on the first page of results. Page Rank can be anywhere from 0-10. The higher the Page Rank (PR) the better the web page i.e, a page having PR 7 is better than a page having PR 1.

If the first page of results are filled with pages that are old (Google likes old pages – it’s like wine, the older the better for them ;)) plus having a good PR (PR 6 and more), it would be better to stay away from that keyword phrase too coz yup, as you guessed it – too much competition!

You can manually check the page rank of each web page result (first page only) using this page rank checker – [link]

But that is too tedious a task. I would recommended downloading Traffic Travis which does all this work for you (from obtaining page rank of search results to telling if you the competition is too much for a keyword phrase).

Next, I will be talking about how to see whether if people are actually searching for your keyword phrase or not! Stay tuned! :)

P.S : I crossed over $1000 last month for Squidoo alone. Adsense payment too is looking up. Yay! :D