Saturday, September 11, 2010

Basic SEO Tips - How To Know if Your Keyword Phrase is Popular

You will have to use a couple of SEO tools (all free) to know whether or not your keyword phrase is popular. The tools I use are -

1. Google Adwords Keyword Tool - Search for your keyword phrase and see if there are any searches. Global monthly searches should be above 1000, else you will just be targeting a keyword that's not popular among users.

2. SEOBook Keyword Suggestion Tool - I love this tool! If you type in a keyword it will give a range of related keyword suggestions for you and how popular they are. You can use one of these keyword suggestions if there's less competition on the web for the phrase.

3. Search Based Keyword Tool - This is a nifty little tool where you can find out how optimized your page is. Enter your webpage URL and see if it has popular keywords or not.

When you have a number of related keyword phrases on hand, try out the methods mentioned in Basic SEO Tips - Part 1 too to figure out the competition and finalize on the main keyword you want to focus on.

If you're undecided on what keyword phrase to use, then you can try -

1. Google Trends - See the most popular searches on Google and decide accordingly.
2. eBay Pulse - To see which products are popular on eBay.
3. Lycos - View current trends and create websites on them.
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