Monday, September 27, 2010

The Importance of Forums and Clearing Your Doubts

I don't have any mentor when it comes to online marketing. This meant hours of researching online, learning from my own mistakes and rectifying them. But at times it's possible to end up having questions for which you won't find answers anywhere... not even on the first two pages of Google search results. What do you do then?

If you check out my earlier posts, you will find out how highly I talk about PotPieGirl(Jennifer) and Tiffany Dow. You can learn a lot by going through their blogs. I had a question regarding marketing e-books, which Jennifer answered immediately when I mailed her. I had a PayPal question for which Tiffany offered a solution through e-mail within a matter of hours.

The point is, these people are helpful. If you have someone you look up to, then ask for their help when you're really stuck with something. This way you are not wasting much time and energy for researching and you can use that amount of time for taking action. Remember not to flood these people through mail with questions though! You can't be lazy and depend on them for every single problem of yours.

The best option to clear all your doubts is through forums. There are many forums out there, but the best are -

1. The Warrior Forum - It's the forum where affiliate marketers thrive. You will find lots of useful info in there plus get the best solution for your e-marketing problems from some of the best internet marketers.

2. Digital Point Forum - This is also a very useful and popular forum.

3. Wickedfire - You can start posting new threads immediately after registration.

Check these forums out and find truck loads of info!

P.S : These forums contain so much info that it's easy to waste time there by going on reading for hours. Dedicate some time for learning and reading and then don't forget to test things out for yourself!

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