Saturday, September 11, 2010

Monsters Have Taken Over Squidoo!

Yup, you've heard it right! Monsters are taking over Squidoo... and I'm actually loving it! :D

They are not profitable (as in terms of cash), but they certainly are making the people at Squidoo more interactive. Most of them are trying to level up, which means there's more commenting on other lenses, taking active part in polls, discussions and what not. I love the increased interactivity.

Monsters pop up whenever you earn points -

Plus, you get cute monster trophies :D The idea of trophies seem to be inspired from Hubpage badges, but squidoo trophies are much more fun! If you're a giant Squid, then you automatically start from level 20. If you are a giant Squid with 100 lenses, then you automatically start from level 25.

You get points when -

1. You get comments on your lenses.

2. Someone 'likes' your lens.

3. People take part in your lens polls.

4. You publish a lens (a lot of points for this)

5. You like someone else's lens!

6. You comment on other lenses (interactivity increased coz of this)

7. People take part in your quiz.

Once you level up, you get special 'items' to unlock like lensrank turboboost. The highest level is level 80 and you really need a lot of points to reach that level. I am really enjoying the new Squidoo for now!

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