Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Submit Your Page or Website To Around 79 Websites With A Single Click - Social Poster

If you read my post on how to get your page indexed by Google within 24 hours, you will notice that I have mentioned social bookmarking your sites. This can be a really difficult task coz there are so many sites on the web. And mostly, you need to find those sites with a good PR and do-follow which will help in increasing relevant backlinks to your site.

In simple terms, more links to your website ----> getting indexed on Google faster (if lots of sites are linking to your page/site, Google will consider your site as a useful one and hence chances are your site will get indexed faster) ----> more traffic ----> more sales

If you do a quick search on google for dofollow social bookmarking sites you will get a detailed list across many pages. I just found out this website called SocialPoster.com which helps you submit your page to 79 social bookmarking sites with just a click. I just tried it now, so I am not sure how good it is. Webutation seems to give it a good ranking though [link]. Try it out!

Note : If you are planning to submit your site only to Dofollow sites you can click on the option found at the RHS of the page and only those sites will be marked. Your site will be sent only to those social bookmarking sites after submission. Use relevant keywords as tags.

Here's a screenshot -

Digg Google Bookmarks reddit Mixx StumbleUpon Technorati Yahoo! Buzz DesignFloat Delicious BlinkList Furl

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