Sunday, October 24, 2010

Why, Where and How To Delegate/Outsource Your Online Work

When I feel too lazy to do my own work, at times I just delegate. Not that I can afford to do that all the time nowadays but with the 'extras' that come per month I try to make my online work a wee bit simpler.

All the marketing gurus out there will tell you how it is important to delegate your work so as not to feel stressed out. Being an internet marketer can be really hectic if you end up managing all your blogs, sites and content all by yourself. This can take loads of hours and you'll feel all burned out in no time.

Here are some useful and legitimate websites where you can hire people to do stuff for you -

1. Constant Content - If you are looking for high quality unique articles, you might want to purchase them from Constant Content. They offer really good articles which are keyword rich and search engine optimized. They don't come cheap but they're still worth it. You can either get them with full rights (no one else will ever get to download the article from constant-content again if you purchase full rights) or with usage rights (people can download them even after you purchase). Usage fees are lower than full rights and you can pay for articles using PayPal.

2. Amazon Turk - I had talked about Turk before and I had already mentioned that it's a great place to delegate your work because writers write for you dirt cheap. High quality of content is not assured but you can delegate other simple tasks using Turk. You get to accept or reject a person's work.

3. Elance - This is another great place to outsource your work. Loads of people are looking for work at elance and you get some well established writers too. You have to post your request first and then workers start sending your proposals (which includes their work fee etc.). You can then monitor their work using the user workshop.

4. Freelancer - This is similar to elance but not as popular. I haven't used it till now but it seems trustworthy.

5. Forums - If you don't want to advertise anywhere about what your work, then you might want to check out forums. You can get some of the best deals on articles and other services at internet marketing forums like Warrior Forum and DigitalPoint. These two sites are the best forums in online marketing and people are always handing away special deals and offers. Keep an eye out for them!

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