Monday, November 29, 2010

My First E-Marketing Book

I'm wary of spending money online for info products. I'm sure many of you are too! They are so many scams out there and when it comes to info products -- they are more or less the same. Old wine served in a brand, sparkling new bottle you can say! Fortunately, I had taken a resolution to buy a good e-marketing book only after earning a bit of cash online. When I started getting paid by Squidoo, I thought it was time I got some advice from the experts. I needed to know more, learn more and I needed to get notes from the successful. By that time (thanks to a lot of reading!) I was already aware of how to figure out which products were scam and which were not.

'One Week Marketing' by Jennifer shows you how you can market Clickbank products effectively to get a sale within a week or so. The ebook doesn't chalk out stuff like study books. It contains email conversations which she had with one of her students which show how she helped that student out progressively to get his first sale online using Clickbank. I had started implementing her method at the beginning of this year (Feb to be exact), and got some sales. Not within the advertised period of ONE week though ;) It took me two weeks to get a sale, but since my Clickbank earnings stats were less than ordinary, I was absolutely thrilled that a method was working out for me. Here are the stats -

I have only highlighted the sales which were accrued by using 'One Week Marketing' method. As you can see, I earned my first sale using 'One Week Marketing' by 16th of Feb this year. Don't get misled by the total earnings. Those come from various other clickbank product promotions and methods, and not from OWM strategy by itself.

Jennifer makes sure that she gets your full attention by using conversation snippets. It's like peeping into another person's private chat transcripts. Interesting for gossip seekers like us ;) This gives a sort of feel that she's sharing something really personal with you. A thing to be taken note of if you're into Internet marketing? Stats show that people like personal accounts on matters and that they find lecture-like articles boring. This maybe why OWM is so popular -- because it doesn't bore you with lectures plus it gives out private and personal details which makes you, the buyer, feel like as if you have been given the biggest secret to IM success.

Apart from the ebook, you also get some extras like mind maps, check list and an action plan. These resources will help you out further in achieving your target in an organized manner.

If you are an expert in IM, you wouldn't need the book. But if you are a newbie who is still searching for a method that's apt for you, then maybe OWM will do wonders for your online business. You can't really expect results in the first week, but it's guaranteed that you'll get some sales in the following weeks provided you do all the steps mentioned.

Official Site - One Week Marketing

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