Tuesday, November 9, 2010

PayLoadz or E-Junkie? - The Best of the Two!

I have been using PayLoadz till now for safe paid downloads of digital products for my customers. Now imagine my frustration when I checked the site one day to see it was down! Now think about the situation when a possible customer comes to your site, clicks on the download link only to see it's not working. Blergh!

I just googled 'PayLoadz down' and while going through the sites, I saw someone mentioning e-junkie. Now I don't know why I didn't do my research properly before and it's only now I'm seeing numerous people complaining about sucky customer support at PayLoadz. Anyway, I never did contact their customer service because c'mon if the server is down (or maybe my account exceeded the allowed bandwidth limit? hmmm!) they should at least send across a mail informing me about the same!

The pricing at e-junkie.com also seems much much better! They have a fixed rate depending on the number of products which you make available for download. There's no fees involved with each sale you make (which is so good!). I'm on a free trial of its service for now depending on which I will decide whether or not to pay for it. I'm liking it so far. More payment options are available if you use e-junkie.com. Let's see if this one faces any problem. Will keep you updated!

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5 comments: on "PayLoadz or E-Junkie? - The Best of the Two!"

Mark Saxby said...

I don't know when you posted this blog but how did you get on? I need to make a decision between Payloadz and e-Junkie to sell webinars. Which one do you recommend?

Dhanya said...

Hi Mark! Thanks for visiting and commenting.

I'm still with e-junkie! Most importantly - it's more reliable than Payloadz. The website has never been down for me till now, whereas in the case of Payloadz it has been a couple of times. The customer support is great, and I liked the pricing too.

Matt Hayden said...

I have never used either of these sites as a seller of products that I've created myself. However I have promoted ebooks chosen from E-Junkie. They do seem to have lots of high quality products on offer, which is a good sign however you look at it. And one in particular that I'm promoting does sell well off my sites.

Nature Boy said...

I have an account at both payloadz and e-junkie selling sleep sounds MP3 downloads. Payloadz is ok but I do not like the lack of a forum or and social networking there. E-junkie has forums and encourages users to talk to others. However, Payloadz has the better shopping cart. The price on both sites is reasonable. It's a coin flip really. If you have large files I would go with payloadz... if you have smaller files I would go with e-junkie.

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