Friday, December 17, 2010

12 Crowdsourcing Websites for the Person Seeking Quick Money Online!

Most probably you don't have the patience to work consistently online -- or maybe you just don't have the time! I had already talked about Amazon Turk earlier, and mentioned how you can use the crowdsourcing site to earn some quick cents for each task you complete. Now there are plenty of other similar crowdsourcing websites that are similar to Amazon Turk, though not as popular, which you can try out. Amazon Turk doesn't have the option of sending money to your PayPal account but you will be pleased to know some of the programs mentioned on this list have that very option.

What are Crowdsourcing Websites?

If you are relatively new to anything connected to earning income online, then you might not still know what crowdsourcing is all about. Crowdsourcing websites are those sites which help an employer delegate his tasks to people who are seeking small part-time jobs in return for monterary compensations. This money is not huge -- because the job in parts is outsourced to numerous other people.

Are these Crowdsourcing Websites Free to Join?

They absolutely are! Well -- most of them anyway! If at all you come across sites that ask you for money in exchange for job offers - don't fall for the trap! You need not pay to offer YOUR help to others.

Which are the Different Crowdsourcing Websites?

There are many! But some of the websites I have tried include -

1. Amazon Turk - They have a huge list of tasks available and you can complete them in a jiffy. The best of the lot without a doubt!

2. CloudCrowd - This is an application on Facebook which has a limited number of tasks available on a given time period. They send money directly to your PayPal account. There is no minimum payout level and you get paid immediately. I couldn't do too many tasks in there. Reasons? They gave me a task to do initially as a test, and I was just interested in testing out THEIR site. :) I got paid for my sloppy work immediately but I didn't get enough credit to be considered capable for other available tasks in there. Maybe this crowdsourcing website will work out better for you if you pay careful attention to each task you perform!

3. Clickworker - Payment is done via PayPal. I have joined this site, but haven't got any tasks till now. They have more country-specific tasks I guess.

After testing out a few other websites, I found out that they offer the same kind of tasks with no variety as opposed to Amazon Turk. Most of them include spams -- which include completing surveys and redirecting you to outward sites. I came across these other crowdsourcing sites similar to Amazon Turk and the ones mentioned above which I haven't been able to test as yet. Maybe you will be more interested in trying them out.

4. Agent Anything
5. MiniJobz
6. MyEasyTask
7. MyMicroJob
8. MiniFreelance
9. CrowdFlower
10. DoMyWork
11. 99Designs
12. Innocentive (Pay is huge but tasks are tough and challenging; Science related)

I would still only recommend Amazon Turk as the ultimate crowdsourcing website! But if you are interested in checking out some others, then you might as well try some of the mentioned sites.

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