Wednesday, January 26, 2011

What are You Willing to Do for 5 Dollars?

I recently started using and I have to say I'm very impressed. You can offer your services at the site for 5 dollars, or you can get tedious tasks done for you for 5 dollars. This is what makes the site so popular -- you get anything and everything for just 5 dollars! I decided to try it out and started a new 'gig'. Within a matter of a day or two, I had an order! The point is to create gigs which others will find a steal for 5 dollars. For example, I'm quite good at creating hubs and Squidoo lenses, so I offered to create new pages for $5. Since I'm an expert now in using these platforms, it doesn't take much time for me to publish new pages whereas it might not be the same case with people who are new but have no time to learn how to use these powerful marketing tools. The result? You get orders! pays you via PayPal. After you deliver the work, payment is cleared only after a few days (which is not so good, but still you get paid!).

What type of services should you offer at Fiverr?

  • Something which is easy for you to do - You wouldn't want to waste too much of your precious time for just five dollars!
  • Something which can be completed in a jiffy! - But you have to be sure that people will find this service of yours valuable.

Examples -

  • Writing articles. - NOT 1000 word articles or anything! But you wouldn't want to make them too short either. A 300-500 word article is apt.
  • Creating videos of yourself giving away testimonials of a product or a website. - Everyone is on the lookout for creating videos especially Internet marketers!
  • Designing simple graphics. - What's a webpage without one?
  • ..... Anything and Everything!!! You might be surprised at some of the 'gigs' you find there!

You Have to Be Careful About -

  • People who try to trick you out of more than what is mentioned in the gig - They will say things like 'Oh! I misunderstood the gig! I was actually looking out for more'. Don't fall for that! It's just a way of making you feel guilty and do more work than required! :)
  • Be sure the gig you started is something that you can actually do! - There is a set delivery time for each gig within which you will have to complete your task. If not, you will just earn a bad rating and that does your profile no good!

If you are looking for a quick five dollars, I would recommend you to hop over to the site and offer your services. It's a legitimate money making site which is getting really popular nowadays.

Additionally to help you, here's a video tutorial on how to use Fiverr. The guy offers some helpful tips for Internet marketers on how to get the best out of Fiverr -

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