Saturday, May 28, 2011

Getting One-Way Links

If you are going to promote any product -- yours or as an affliate marketer -- you need to have a model in mind. I usually write down the things I need to do, and this somehow makes the entire process more clear to me. If you want to promote your main website, it is necessary to have many one-way links to the site. Each one-way link to your main website is like a virtual vote, and depending on the number of these "votes" Google determines whether or not your website is useful.

There are many softwares out there that promise one-way links with just a click of a button and other such crap - don't fall for that. Even if it's a lot of work, you need to naturally build up one-way links to your site because search engines likes it that way. An effective way to do this is by writing short articles on high PR sites. For example, I would totally recommend writing on Squidoo and HubPages and pointing them towards your main website. These sites get a lot of traffic and you can make use of it to redirect the traffic you get to the main landing page.

Coming back to the business model, this is a basic one which I have created (for your understanding).

Here, S=Squidoo (A PR 7 Site), H=Hubpages (A PR 6 Site), and E=EzineArticles (Another PR6 Site) and MW=Your Main Website. As you can see, there are one-ways links from S->H, and H->E. You can even create one more from E->S. All three are pointing towards the main site. Now try adding more Squidoo lenses, Hubs and Ezine-articles with all of them pointing towards your main website. It is recommended though to use different platforms to create one-way backlinks. Other sites you can use include - Tumblr, Blogspot and Amplify. There are many such sites out there that you can use for free and which have a good ranking. Of course, this work can get tedious and most affiliate marketers like to employ others to do the dirty work for them.

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