Thursday, July 28, 2011

Why Starting A Blog Can Work Wonders For You

This is the 2nd time this week that I have been contacted for a job proposal. When I ask these people where they got my info from and how they came to know that I love digital marketing, prompt comes the reply - "From your blog!". Gone are those days when employers seek out potential employees from just the online job portals. They are scouring the Web for people who are passionate in doing their work. This is a good sign for people like me who have a certain passion when it comes to work and are looking forward to entering the same zone even when it comes to working in a professional environment. I'm a software engineer by profession but my passion? You might've already guessed that one out -- I've given enough clues already.

I'm not saying dump all your personal stuff and professional jabbers into one single space. The Web is so vast, why not register a different spot altogether for your passion? Set up a new blog or website and start talking about your work. Not many will be interested, but you are putting your knowledge out there on a public platform for the world to see. If you are confident enough to talk about your abilities, employers might just give you that second glance when they hop over to your site.

I have also found that starting a blog which is updated regularly does wonders for a person's business. Just recently I read an article on how Flipkart rose to fame and how they got their initial customers by doing cracking SEO research. The site had a feed on their site which pulled in fresh content from Yahoo! News on related topics. You can check waybackmachine here to see the Yahoo news feed embedded at the bottom of the page. The search engines used to view this as Flipkart updating its site on a regular basis with original content, and if you have done your little research on SEO you will know that the search engines like Google absolutely lurrrrvveee frequently updated sites and blogs. Later on Flipkart had to pull that widget out because it went against Yahoo's terms of the feed being used on a commercial site. Then again, they could have also used a feed for their blog and more or less have achieved the same results provided it was updated frequently.

Whatever it is, if you are someone who is looking forward to rise in business or your profession or just about anything -- you need to get out there and advertise yourself on many platforms as possible. Online marketing is just not an option anymore. Creating your own niche blog or site can be a start.

...So what are you waiting for? :-)